Tips & tricks for best pics on an iPhone 5S

The best part of owning an iPhone is that I have a camera with me where ever I go. I came across this really cool video where photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrates some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks using an iPhone 5S.

Happy snapping and dont forget to backup those pics regularly. Let me know if you have any fab tips to share. Enjoy the watch :)

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What makes MaCherie Nails so amazing

Ma Cherie1

Manicures have been widely advertised at spa’s and beauty salons, and honestly speaking, nothing has really peaked my interest until recently. I am rather conservative when it comes to nail colour but a few weeks of unhealthy looking nails , I decided to pretty up my hand.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Kelly, the talented Nail Artist from Macherie Nails. It was not too difficult choosing a style and colour with so many beautiful designs available. Kelly assisted me with in choosing a colour and design to suit my skin tone and off course my not too bold personality.

Whilst applying the gel poilish, I recieved some education on Gel nails. I discovered that the UV light used at another salon, had actually burnt my skin on my hand. Thankfully Ma Cherie nails uses an LED drying light which is much safer on the skin.

Ma Cherie 5

Kelly is skilled in fine arts and it isimpressive to watch her draw on the fine detail on each nail. After about an hour and nails looked flawless.  What makes Ma Cherie nails so amazing is that they were dry as soon as they were done. How awesome is that. I could reach into my bag without having to stress about my nails smudging. Gel nails are perfect for women with  a busy lifestyle, like myself. They are high gloss and look beautiful.

ma Cherie 2

Two weeks later and still no chipping! As your nail grows you will be able to notice the nail growth between the gel nail and your cuticle. When it becomes too untidy, the Gel nails have to be soaked off to prevent damage to the nails.  My nails are now 2 weeks old and this is how they look:

Ma Cherie 7

Nail art is its own accessory and even has its place on the red carpet. It is probably one of the simplest and most affordable accessories to emerge.  Kelly is an artist with the nail as a mini-canvas. She knows her  craft of nail care and nail art well.

Ma Cherie 3

Hope this was useful! I’ll be waiting for you to share your experience

**Special Offer to my readers: R50 off for gel polish for 5 of my readers.

(R210 but with one finger nail art on each hand . Valid only  Until 10 October 2014  and you can call Ma Cherie nails to make an appointment first (Saturday not included in the booking).

-Please comment below on your experience with manicures or gel nails.

-Follow Ma Cherie Nails on Facebook

5 ladies will be chosen this week.

MaCherie Nails : Virgin Active Bryanston Complex, 3 Cross Place, Bryanston, Jhb

Tel: 084 445 4664


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#PhotoAweek – Bourke’s Luck Potholes, South africa


Bourkes Luck Potholes , Blyde River canyon

Situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa , these magnificent cylindrical potholes were formed by through erosion at the confluence of the Blyde and the Treur rivers. The site was named after a prospector, Tom Bourke, who ironically never had any luck on his claim as the gold-bearing reef lay a short distance to the south of the river. Old pieces of mining equipment strewn about the area serve as reminders of the gold rush era of the 1870s. There are various bridges to walk over and admire these naturally sculptured potholes and the gorge downstream. A must see attraction in South africa.

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#PhotoAweek – Zhangye Danxia Landform China

rainbow mountain china

Rainbow Mountains: Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park located in Gansu Province in China.

This mountain range of densely packed layers of minerals and rock is formed as a result of movement in the earth’s crust. This makes rock layers appear in different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The combination of differences in density and erosion creates towering peaks, cave holes and stone halls. This UNESCO World Heritage site has 4 viewing decks in the park for visitors to admire this masterpiece which  boasts a kaleidoscope of natural colours.

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Coping with Jetlag

Jet lag is that feeling of confusion, restlessness and sleepiness you get when you fly from one time zone to another and your body tries to  grapple with the bio-rhythmic confusion.



As Dr Meltem Ayran explains, nn example is : you feel like jumping on a plane to New York, and Turkish Airlines flight no. TK3 on an A330 takes off at 7.25am. When you get off the plane it’s around 11.30am but your watch says 18.30pm. For now, no problem. Yet, jetlag is sneaking up on you… at around 16.00pm in New York City, Istanbul time will be midnight, and you need to be active when your body wants to sleep!

Maybe you’re in New York for a few short days on vacation or business trip. What to do? If you cede control and let your body do what it wants, it will adjust to the 8-hour time difference in about 4-5 days – and suffering from jetlag for that long is no fun!

Normally, a body’s biological clock will adjust to the local time, but only once the body has adjusted will your biological clock reset. Our biological clock is governed from our brain by the lentil-sized pineal gland, which produces the hormone melatonin, responsible for regulating our sleep patterns. Melatonin levels increase at night in the dark and reduce by morning light. Appetite, bowel movements, blood pressure, and body temperature are all thus regulated, as are many other bodily functions.

What are the symptoms of jetlag?

  • Sleeplessness, broken sleep, and fatigue are the principal problems.
  • Listlessness, constipation or diarrhea, bowel disorders, loss of appetite, tension, difficulty concentrating, headaches, memory lapses, blood pressure fluctuations, menstrual irregularities, nausea, and decreased immunity are all additional problems.

Who gets hit by jetlag the most?

  • Almost everyone is affected.
  • People who have regular sleeping hours, the tired, the sleepless, those who do not drink enough water and are dehydrated, people over 60, and people with chronic illnesses are generally very affected.
  • Children are less affected as they can sleep at different times of the day.
  •  The severity of jetlag’s effects depend on how many time zones are crossed, and in which direction (east or west). Flying eastwards presents more difficulties.
  • Long flights can affect the duration and severity of jetlag: not sleeping enough on the plane; long exposure in a low oxygen cabin; long periods in the same position; eating at irregular hours; dehydration due to the cabin atmosphere, drinking coffee and/or alcohol.

What can we do to cope with jetlag?

  • To cope with jetlag, i.e. adjust quickly to the new time zone, the most important rule is to live according to your new time. Go to bed, eat, sleep, go to work, according to your destination.
  • A little planning before flying can be effective. A few days before flying, work your body: if going west go to bed 1-2 hours later, if going east wake up 1-2 hours earlier. This will help adjustment.
  • If you use medication, insulin, or for high blood pressure for example, consult a doctor.
  • The day before traveling, during travel, and the day after, avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol in the body will dehydrate, disturb sleep, and cause nausea.
  • Like alcohol, caffeine should be avoided. It causes similar problems and can make other problems (such as a fear of flying) worse.
  • Due to low humidity on the plane and dehydration, it is important to drink lots of water.
  • On long flights, turning off the lights and total darkness help the body adjust.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the flight, try to take a walk on the plane once an hour, or at least move your legs. This will lessen the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms that can occur due to inertia.
  • Some people use melatonin to adjust their body’s metabolism to sleep. Melatonin isn’t sleep medication. People who use it say they suffer less jetlag and less severe symptoms. But there haven’t been enough studies on it. You should consult a doctor before using melatonin, especially if for example you use blood thinners or suffer from epilepsy.
  • Some travelers may benefit from the use of sleeping pills; but they are not recommended for more than a few days as they are habit-forming.

Wishing you a healthy and jetlag free flight.

Source: Dr. Meltem Ayran


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#PhotoAweek – Turkey


Turkey has the only city in the world that lies on two continents. This city is Istanbul

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Taste of Joburg 2014

tasteof j

Pick n Pay Taste of Joburg is back at Montecasino Outdoor Event Area this September. Budding gourmands need look no further for a feast of the senses with an array of spectacular offerings from twelve of Joburg’s top restaurants.

Festival Director, Justine Drake says that she is delighted to be part of such a large scale culinary experience that includes the multicultural mix that is Joburg’s food scene. “Every year we are blown away by the large crowds who attend the festival to taste the best dishes Joburg restaurants have to offer. Our sponsors and partners always do a fantastic job supporting us and have the same vision for what is certainly the highlight of Joburg’s culinary calendar.”

All those looking to visit Taste of Joburg for the first time can expect to be wowed by the “Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience”, the “Robertsons Butcher’s Block in association with Big Green Egg”, “the Rekordelig Premium Cider Lounge”, the “Lindt Chocolate Experience”, the “Castle Milk Stout Lounge” as well as the “Pick n Pay Fresh Living Chef’s Theatre”, and experience why Taste Festivals have become such a global gastronomic movement.

“We’ve been running this event for eight years and the challenge each year is presenting the experience in a different and dynamic way. I believe that this year’s festival will again deliver an unforgettable experience, one that will thrill and delight Joburg foodies with its unique mix of food, drink and entertainment. It’s definitely sensory alchemy in action!”

This year’s restaurants include:

· Beluga
· The Blackanese Sushi Bar
· Gwefey
· Le Sel @ The Cradle
· Licorish Bistro and The Green Peppercorn Bistro
· Prosopa
· Roots @ Forum Homini
· Spiceburg
· 2Thai4
· That’s Amore Ristrobar
· Vivace Restaurant at the Radisson Blu, Sandton
· Sprout360 Urban Food

macaroons sushi

For more information and bookings visit or or

  • Scoins are the festival currency used to purchase food and drink at Taste of Joburg
  • Pre-booked festival tickets are priced from R80 and include a tasting glass.

Festival Times

Thursday 25th September: 18:30 – 22:30

Friday 26th September: 18:30 – 22:30

Saturday 27th September: 13h00- 17h00; 18h30- 22h30

Sunday 28th September: 12h00- 17h00

***Win one of 5 pairs of Double tickets for Taste of Joburg.

1. Enter below with your comment on what you favourite meal  is and where.

2. Please follow my blog to recieve emails is you are a winner.

3.Retweet on twitter and share on Facebook.

Goodluck friends :)


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Stuttafords Rosebank Mall re-launch

It has been a rewarding experience attending Stuttafords events as a blogger and the re-launch of Stuttafords newly renovated store in Rosebank Mall has been nothing short of glamorous.

The Rosebank Mall store re-launched on the 31 July 2014 and in attendance was socialites, members of the media, fashion bloggers and celebrities. Guests were treated to canapés, champagne and music whilst waiting in anticipation for the doors to open.

stut14      stut7

Leanne Manas and Hilton Mer, Executive Chairman of the Stuttafords Group officially reopened the store and guests quickly made their  way browsing though the new look store.


Ted Baker had lovely ladies serving guests cute bottles of homemade lemonade and caramel popcorn. Naturally this was one of my favourites. The wide selection of makeup and fragrances makes shopping here so convenient and pleasurable.

stut3 stut4


Stuttafords has literally brought “A World of Brands” to shoppers. With over 13 stores and over 150 brands, Stuttafords is a shopping haven for the distinguished fashionista.

stut12  stut13


Then new Stuttafords store in Rosebank is definitely worth a visit. You will enjoy the variety of brands available as each brand has its own section in the store. The beautiful displays, chic décor and friendly staff will make your experience so much better. So shopping friends :)





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Decadent Womens Day treat at Tsogosun

My casual affair with chocolate just turned serious after an afternoon with indulgent Chocolate food pairing  at the luxurious Punchinellos Restaurant at Southern Sun, Montecasino.


Chef Thuli wowed celebrities and journalists alike  at Tsogo Sun’s chocolate extravaganza Woman’s Month event. We  were treated to chocolate martinis and chocolate milkshakes on arrival and walked onto the deck to a decadent chocolate display.

Pastry chef Thuli

Chef Thuli Mabunda is the Sous Chef Pastry at Tsogosun and she believes that opportunities should be grabbed with both hands and that life is too short to spend your days doing what you don’t enjoy.  Her signature dish is a passion fruit mousse dessert with Lindt chocolate cake and orange sauce reduction. She is a creative and passionate chef.

Some of the dishes we  enjoyed included : the beef fillet coated in cocoa powder topped with mushroom duxelle and the white chocolate crumbed cheese croquettes. Simply mouth watering food.

photo 3   2014-08-07 16.18.17-1

We had the opportunity  to meet some of Tsogo Sun’s phenomenal female GM’s and Chefs. Dr Mati Nyazema at Sandton Convention Center, and Sam Croft from Durban’s Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani to Linda Reddy, from Garden Court Sandton City, shared their story of inspiration and leadership style. They all all believe that a good work/life balance is the key to a successful career and family life.

2014-08-07 15.43.36-2 2014-08-07 16.01.42-1

Wilma, the General Manager of Southern Sun Katherine Street uses her stature, leadership and network to remain a positive force in promoting the growth and profitability of Tsogo Sun, while Samantha Croft believes “the right attitude,  warmth,  willingness to serve, and the dedication that comes with that, are vital.”

It is inspiring to have women as leaders. Especially women who inspire others. Tsogosun thank you for the opportunity to meet these lovely ladies and for making us feel more loved and special.. what better way than with Chocolate.






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Ford sets African Vision at First ‘Go Further’ Event

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) held its first “Go Further” Event in July at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.  Ford showed off four new models that are destined for African shores, and detailed its future plans for the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region and the highlight being the reveal of the much anticipated Ford Mustang.


With guests from the media, stakeholders, suppliers and VIPs in attendance, Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO for the Sub Saharan Region, outlined the company’s vision for driving growth in existing markets on the continent as well as entering new ones.

Jeff Nemeth

I quite enjoyed hearing about Ford’s accomplishments and the company plans to focus on South Africa as the engine of growth for the continent. Sub-Saharan Africa will be a key market for Ford,” says Nemeth. “Our vision is to become the first choice for mobility in Africa, and our event today underscores our commitment to serve customers throughout Africa.”

In the next two years, Ford plans to bring at least 17 new or refreshed vehicles to its fleet. This includes the Focus, Fusion, Ranger XL-Plus, Transit, Tourneo Connect and of course the Mustang.

         ford collage

Ford SYNC is a factory-installed, integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system technology allows you to talk on the phone, navigate and listen to music while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. SYNC 2 will offer a new, interactive version of SYNC boasting a touch screen as well as voice command functionality.  EcoBoost drivetrain options will also be expanded. EcoBoost is a turbo direct-injection technology that significantly improves power and fuel economy while reducing emissions.

Going on sale next year, the new Focus will feature an all-EcoBoost engine lineup, as well as a host of new safety and driver-assist technologies.  “In 2015 Focus will be updated to include the latest technologies we have on offer, giving buyers more reasons to consider the world’s best-selling passenger car,” says Nemeth.

GoFurther - NewFordFocus 2

Ford’s iconic Mustang performance model was the highlight of the show at “Go Further”. The all-new Mustang, which will be available with both an EcoBoost engine as well as its hallmark V8 powertrain, will go on sale in South Africa and SSA from early 2015. The Mustang is out of the stable.

 img_5793 img_5771

 “Ford is bringing a full family of safe, high quality, fuel efficient and fun-to-drive cars, trucks and SUVs to customers throughout the Middle East and Africa region,” said Jim Benintende president, Ford Middle East and Africa. “MEA is the final frontier for global growth in the auto industry and thanks to the power of our One Ford plan, we are able to offer vehicles here that our customers want and value.”

GoFurther - Mustang

I am grateful for the opportunity that Ford has given me. I had an exciting day out on the off road track the following day and I loved every bit of the experience test driving most of the vehicles in their range.  Well done Ford :)   I’m now looking forward to driving the new Mustang.

Some pics from the track day:

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