Count your Blessings


As grown ups we’re allowed to do all the fun things we spent high school wishing we could do, and yet, we get caught up in jobs we hate, paying bills, sitting in traffic, and sometimes ‘just getting by in life feeling distressed and happy.

Does this  sound like you?

So often we tend to get caught up in an emotional web when faced with problems. I often have to remind myself of the encouraging reasons to stay positive and trudge ahead despite life’s low points.

For me, its the small positive messages on twitter, bbm, an encouraging  book and even a smiley face that provides a constant reminder of life’s blessings. Having family and friends support is a bonus.

It is often said that we begin to feel happier when we spread happiness to others. I try to accomplish this through my charity organization and through encouraging others. Its time to do more of what makes us happier. Find ways to bring the fun in and keep your eyes sparkling for special moments or people that can make your life even more beautiful.


Lets’ take time to be grateful for what we already have.

I’m keen to know what keeps you motivated. How do you deal with pitfalls, tragedies and sadness.  Comment and share with me what happiness means to you.


“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us”


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Polo Red: A New Scent of Masculinity and Power

Some of the simple things I love about people includes someone who smells great. For me, it’s the first point of attention.

In 1978 Carlos Benaim created the original Polo for Ralph Lauren. Thirty-five years later, this scent still has fantastic success. Polo Red is the newest fragrance for men. The fragrance is energizing carrying the scent of strength, masculinity and power.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red fragrance composition is a creation of Olivier Gillotin . The Polo Red fragrance series is housed in the iconic shaped bottle of the classic Polo that was first designed by Bormioli Rocco, with modern simple lines.

Polo Red is a fiery blend of spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit and deep redwood that ignites the thrill-seeker in every man.

· Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lemon, Cranberry

· Middle Notes: Saffron, Sage

· Base Notes: Wood, Amber, Coffee

This powerful composition aims to heighten sensations with adrenaline bringing to the foreground the spirit of adventure. Most notable element in Polo Red is the red tones that travels through all the layers of fragrance ingredients. The colour red is often associated with love, passion and courage.

Hint for men: A woman’s sense of smell is much more acute than that of a man. A good fragrance will most definitely win that first look.

Image source: Ralph Lauren

Thanks to Stuttafords Sandton city, we had a fantastic opportunity to try the new Polo Red and also take part the Polo Red Race. Thanks to AB Adventure Bookings, six lucky winners get to enjoy hot laps in a Ferrari!

Stuttafords has the Polo Red fragrance in stock now two months ahead of other retailers. Get yourself a bottle now.


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5 Ways to explore New York City

With a keen interest to travel, I have been researching New York as a bucket list destination.  There is an abundance of things to do and see and I am waiting patiently to spend New Years at Time Square. Here are some interesting ways to see more of New York City.

New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area, one of the most populous urban places in the world.  New York City is a year-round destination, but the best time for your visit will depend on your budget, vacations and desired weather.

New York Pass


The New York Pass is your ticket to a truly immersive experience in the city that never sleeps. By buying a one, two, three or seven-day pass, you gain access to over 80 of the city’s top destinations with one all-inclusive fee.

Even if you see only a few attractions per day, the New York Pass is a cost-effective choice for tourists on the go. Attractions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Cloisters, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Intrepid Museum and Madame Tussauds are just a few of the dozens of options included in the New York Pass. In addition to the sights, the New York Pass includes specialty tours of the city. Get behind-the-scenes access to NBC Studios, discover the hidden sidewalks of Greenwich Village, take a guided walking tour of Wall Street, go backstage at Radio City Music Hall – just a few of the many options that the New York Pass provides.

These tours should be booked in advance through New York Pass to assure availability. Every New York Pass comes with a guidebook containing descriptions of each attraction. Cost under $200

All Loops 48-Hour Tour – Gray Line New York


Gray Line New York’s classic double-decker bus tours allow visitors to experience New York City in an up close and comfortable way. The All Loops Tour package gives ticketholders 48 hours to take all four of the Gray Line’s bus itineraries or “loops”: Uptown, Downtown, Night (aka the Night Tour) and Brooklyn.

Each lasts a little more than two hours, and ticketholders can take them in any order, whenever they are available. Offered in open double-decker buses, these tours offer a unique perspective for touring New York: above the crowds of pedestrians, but still surrounded by the vitality of one of the greatest cities in history. The Uptown loop includes sights like Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, Grant’s Tomb and the Apollo Theater. The Downtown Loop hits Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Macy’s, the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, Chinatown and more. Both of these loops have “hop on, hop off” service – passengers can get off at Gray Line bus stops in front of the attractions that interest them, and then get on the next available bus when they’re ready. The Brooklyn Loop and the Night Tour are not hop-on, hop-off. The Brooklyn Loop crosses the Manhattan Bridge – an exhilarating view from the open top deck –and travels through DUMBO to Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Public Library and the beautiful and historic brownstones of Fort Greene.

The Night Tour covers many of the sights of the Downtown Loop, but now brilliantly lit up for the evening: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center and more. Cost under $100

Manhattan Dinner Cruise – Hornblower Cruises & Events New York


As the sun goes down and Manhattan lights up, having dinner while afloat on the Hudson River is a truly special experience. For a romantic evening or just a nighttime celebration, it’s hard to beat Hornblower’s Manhattan Dinner Cruise aboard a luxury yacht.

Upon boarding the 210-foot vessel, enjoy a complimentary beverage while being escorted to your seat in the lower-level dining room. Intimate tables for two or tables that fit larger groups line the room’s wrap-around wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Once you set sail you’ll enjoy a four-course meal with entrees ranging from filet mignon to broiled wild salmon to a vegetarian selection. The waitstaff will take your food and drink orders while you glide by New York landmarks including the Intrepid, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. In-between courses there is plenty of opportunity to get fresh air or take a few snapshots on one of the Infinity’s wrap-around outdoor decks.

For spectacular views of Manhattan’s skyline head up to the yacht’s Skydeck, which sits 65 feet above the water. For those in the mood to dance, there is 1,925 square feet of dance-floor space spread out over four floors. Costs from $124

The Full Island Cruise – Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises


Seeing New York from the water makes it not only less intimidating but even more welcoming. Guests are welcomed onto the ship by having their photo taken – the perfect opportunity to ham it up by posing like Charlie’s Angels or jump in the air like lottery winners. There are several seating areas: indoor and outdoor, shaded and not.

A few minutes after the cruise begins, the bow (the front of the ship) opens up for standing passengers. The Circle Line Sightseeing Full Island Cruise is narrated by knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides, and while the ship follows the same path every time, no two guides are alike, so you may get vastly different tidbits of information if you take it more than once. Whereas one guide might know Yankees stats by heart and quote Yogi Berra, another will point out where Ben Stiller grew up or talk about painter Julian Schnabel’s hot-pink building in the West Village.

All five New York City boroughs are visible from the boat, though Staten Island is only seen in the distance. Cruising south down the Hudson, the various Midtown skyscrapers are visible on the left; the markedly less-exciting New Jersey coast on the right, so guests should take this into account when choosing which side to sit on. Costs from under $40

All Access Pass 9/11 Combo – New York Water Taxi


New York Water Taxi’s fleet of canary-yellow catamarans zipping back and forth on the East and Hudson Rivers may resemble New York City cabs back on dry land but they are a much more relaxing, fun and scenic way to see the city (and you won’t have to stand on a sidewalk for a half hour waving your hand to catch one!).

Stopping at five stops between Midtown and Brooklyn, and offering spectacular views of some of New York’s top attractions including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, New York Water Taxi’s All Access Pass 9/11 Combo is a convenient way to visit the the 9/11 Memorial as well as other sites of interest along the way – hopping on and off as you please. Departing from Pier 79 at 39th St. and 12th Ave., the All Access Pass 9/11 Combo tour stops at Battery Park, Christopher Street, South Street Seaport and Fulton Ferry in DUMBO. Passengers can opt a straight, 90-minute tour of New York City’s most iconic landmarks, or hop off at every stop to explore further.

After shopping, dining, and enjoying the attractions within walking distance of each of the designated stops, visitors can then just jump on the next boat that passes by. Water Taxis run about 45 minutes apart. The first stop on the tour is Christopher Street, where shoppers will find a world of sweet boutiques and delicious eats on the oldest street in the West Village. The next stop is Battery Park, and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Since opening in 2011, the 9/11 Memorial has become one of the city’s busiest sites, and all visitors need to have reservations to enter. New York Water Taxi’s All Access Pass 9/11 Combo includes a free timed reservation so visitors can disembark the Water Taxi at Battery Park and go straight to the memorial – a ten-minute walk from the pier. Upon return to 42nd Street and Times Square, passengers are treated to a double-decker bus tour of Midtown’s top attractions, thanks to a complimentary ticket included in the All Access Pass 9/11 Combo. Cost under $40

A must -see Central Park


One of New York City’s most breathtaking and celebrated attractions, Central Park is a must-see for anyone visiting the five boroughs. Whether experienced during a fresh snowfall in the winter, the spectacular floral blossoms in spring, the steamy days of summer or the gorgeous, leaf-turning months of fall, Central Park is a sight to behold.

The 843-acre park is an urban oasis of trees, gardens, rolling meadows, arches, sculptures, statues and vistas. The range of outdoor activities you can enjoy there is seemingly endless, from hiking, biking and ice-skating to simply lounging on a picnic blanket and listening to a live concert. To help you narrow down your choices, on the following pages we’ve gathered together some of the most popular attractions. For more information, visit the Central Park Conservancy’s website. Free entry.


For more info on  “Things to do Free” in NY :



Don’t forget to share your experiences with me. Happy Travels :)


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Bhutan: a hidden gem in Asia

Taktsang Lhakhang is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site .


Paro Taktsang  the popular name of Taktsang Palphug Monastery , also known as Tiger’s Nest). It is a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and temple complex, located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, in Bhutan. A temple complex was first built in 1692, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup  cave where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours in the 8th century. Padmasambhava is credited with introducing Buddhism to Bhutan and is the tutelary deity of the country. Today, Paro Taktsang is the best known of the thirteen taktsang or “tiger lair” caves in which he meditated.


A visit to the Tiger’s Nest monastery is typically on the last few days of most itineraries to Bhutan, after a round trip from Paro (upon arrival at Bhutan airport at Paro) to Thimphu and Punakha cities and back to Paro.  It is usually planned this way to allow tourists to acclimatise to the higher altitudes of Bhutan so that they could be more prepared to trek up the trail to Tiger’s Nest monastery which is about 300o metres above sea level.

The only way to visit Tiger’s Nest monastery up close is to either: Hike for 2 – 4 hours uphill (depending on your speed and fitness); or Ride a rented horse which is slightly faster.

bhutan 2

Luxury 5-star hotels are a rarity in Bhutan, although you’ll find some in Paro and a few other places.

I suggest thorough research into hotels and guides before your trip. I am sure you will have lots of stories to share :)  Enjoy the myriad unique views of Asia, rich in culture and diversity.

For more info :

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Get all the action on FACTOMANIA on BBC Knowledge.


Greg Foot is Factomania’s adrenaline junkie, a self-proclaimed ‘Science Daredevil’, His specialties include physics and danger!

If you’re like me, intrigued to find out why two thousand strains of bacteria live in your belly button; how beer is the bedrock of civilization and how to build a hoverboard?  This programme reveals the world’s most incredible facts through explosive experiments, amazing animated tales and strange stunts.

Greg Foot loves to serve up a little risk alongside the hunt for amazing facts. Using hands-on demos and eye-catching stunts, he pushes science and himself to the limit. This is a man who has been buried alive, frozen, shot, electrocuted and even gone under the knife in the name of science… (the last one was to find out what humans taste of!)

His lust for life leads him to throw himself into the dangerous role of guinea pig for Factomania experiments, like testing out a jet engine powered buggy! Greg is a physicist and his passion is directed to understanding the bigger picture.


Thanks to the show’s hosts Dominic Byrne (Mr Curious), Fran Scott (Bold Experimentalist) and Greg Foot (Daredevil Scientist) Factomania delivers a fast-paced blend of facts, fun, experiments – and competition.

Greg has recently been recognised as one of the leading media science communicators in the UK . Having grown up in the Lake District, Greg has a passion for extreme sport and adventure . He recently trekked up to Everest Base Camp for his new live show Daredevil Labs: Everest, which explores the science of high-altitude survival and tells the story of a team of doctors and children on a scientific adventure to uncover cutting-edge medical treatments and save lives back home.

From my Q&A with Greg, here is a little insightful info:

  1. When and how did your interest in Sciences originate?

When I was a kid my Dad called me into the kitchen. He had a tub of custard powder and dipped a straw into it. Then he blew the powder out of the straw and over the flame on our oven hob. It produced a great little flame-thrower! From then I was hooked by grabbing stuff from the cupboard and doing little experiments. I was also hooked on the WHY – finding out why vinegar and bicarbonate of soda fizzed up into an erupting volcano, finding out why the sky was blue… I later discovered that asking questions and working out the answers is ‘Science’ so I followed that through school and into university

  1. What are some of the stand out experiments/questions from this series?

We’ve got everything from unleashing a huge chip pan fire to making a *giant* cloud, but the one that stands out for me is when I drove a go-kart with a huge pulse-jet strapped to the back! Not only was the build really temperamental, but I also had a big tank of petrol next to my head, and we didn’t know if it’d burn out. That was a nerve-wracking but awesome stunt. We also made a fire tornado that towered over the farm, and, two words, “Quantum Levitation”. You’ll have to watch to see what that is! 

  1. Is there a common thread amongst us humans…What is the most asked question to prove?

Ooh, good question. People ask a lot of questions related to them – so I think the common theme is ME. Things like ‘Why do I have eyebrows?’ ‘Why do I yawn?’, and people love the gross questions too like ‘Why do farts smell?’! A really common question is ‘What is déjà vu?’ which we answer in the series. That and the tricky ones about consciousness!

The brand new series premieres exclusively on BBC Knowledge on Thursday the 3rd April at 22.00

For more info :




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Kalahari Lifestyle: An extraordinary Product collection

Hi lovely peeps! Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend.

A few weeks back I was introduced to the Kalahari Lifestyle brand. I had the pleasure of trying out their wonder range of skincare products.

Having sensitive skin makes it really difficult for me to find a product that is natural and calming on the skin. After having tried almost every brand out there and I have found a small limited range that actually suits my skin. The Kalahari range is one of my newest favorites.

Carina Franck, Founder of Kalahari Lifestyle International, grew up on a farm in the Kalahari Desert where the rolling sand dunes and expansive blue skies shaped her childhood playground. Her focus was on bringing the ancient secrets of the desert to the client through touch, sound, visual interaction and smell.


With her passion for Africa, Carina was inspired to create a range of world-class Spa products that was shaped to capturing the unique characteristics of the Kalahari Desert. “It was important for me to merge the complete experience of the desert including the colours of the earth, raw textures and rare fragrances, in this signature range of products”

African Indigenous plant knowledge is continually being researched to establish the efficacy of ancient botanical remedies and to explore the possibility of extending these hidden therapies that have survived generations to the benefit of all.

kc          ks

Each product is perfected in simplicity by focusing on the pure earthly goodness of nature.  Every product contains a bouquet of pure natural plant oils making each product harmonious with nature by enhancing the true value of the desert and the plants of the Kalahari.

The Kalahari range includes a Skincare, Body and Professional range.

For more info on the products and to order:


***WIN***  this  Kalahari hamper which includes an Enzyme face buff, bath salts, a Soothing lip balm & samples.

1. Follow my blog and facebook page ( Namritha: My eye on the world)

2. Comment below with your best natural beauty secrets.

3. Tweet :  ” Win with @KalahariStyle  and @Namritha25 blog : My Eye on the world





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Women in Power, empowering women – 23 March 2014


Can you afford to miss out on:

To protect your rights as a woman
To protect the rights of your children
Opportunities to win
An Indulgence package  worth R20 000
Vouchers for Ultrasonic Slimming, Brazilian Hair treatments; massages; manicures; pedicures; make-up hampers; massages
Designer wear outfits and
Goodie bags filled with amazing gifts!
IIWN brings you an Event that Serves and Celebrates
YOU with the magnanimity, love and honor you so richly deserve!

Details of the Event:
Date: Sunday 23rd March 2014 
Time: 14h00
Venue: The Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton
Cost: R350 per ticket

  Payment via  EFT confirms your booking!

Contact Details:
Anusha Singh,  Tel: 0116560718 / 0824401125

Bank: Standard Bank , Acc: Blueprint Int.
Acc Nr: 421480432, Branch: Fourways Crossing
Code: 009953 , Ref: 1st name & Surname

***Win*** One ticket can be won this week:
Simply follow @IInspiringwomen & @ Namritha25 on twitter
Comment below with your best inspiration quote

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CARRIE UNDERWOOD as Almay’s Brand Ambassador

Revlon announced that Carrie Underwood has joined  Almay as a Global Brand Ambassador.

Multi-platinum recording artist and performer Underwood is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry with 18 #1 hit singles, six Grammys and countless award wins. However, she is known as much for her values and accessibility as she is for her accomplishments. She appreciates that all of the products are made with the highest quality standards making them safe for women with sensitive skin and eyes.

Underwood’s first campaign will break this week, highlighting her unique style and personality.  Despite her enormous success, she is still a real girl from Oklahoma at the core and a self-professed makeup junkie who likes to try out new makeup looks in her spare time. Almay makes it easy to play with makeup and helps women look their most beautiful which is why we could not be more excited for her to join the brand,” said Julia Goldin, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Revlon, Inc.

“Honestly, I could never be associated with a Company I didn’t believe in.  I love Almay’s positive approach to beauty because it’s so important to celebrate our natural beauty and enhance what makes us unique.  I’m also really impressed by their products, which I use in my daily life and when I’m working.  There’s really something for everyone and every occasion – whether you want to get that perfect ‘no-makeup makeup look’ or create a fun, amped up ‘date-night’ smoky eye.” , says Carrie

***Win an Almay Smart shade mousse ( medium)  & a Revlon Just bitten kissable Lip Balm (035)



To enter:

1. Follow my blog & facebook page. Comment on your favourite makeup items.

2. Retweet: ” I just entered to win with  @RevlonSA  & @Namritha25″

Winner announced 31 March at 5pm. Winner must be able to collect prize from Sandton

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Celebs Share Their Favorite Hotels Around the Globe

My Eye on the World:

Celebs share their fave hotels around the world

Originally posted on The Vivant:

Ever wonder what Kristen Stewart’s favorite hotel is? What about Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld? Their answers might just surprise you.

Scroll through the gallery above to find out. And share your thoughts in the comments below, what’s your favorite hotel of all time?


10 Fantasy Spring Break Ideas

Step Inside the Amazing Interiors On “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

View original

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ALDO Aldo certainly made a statement at their launch of the Winter 2014 range.

The launch at Sandton city was a stunning evening with guests dressed in black and gorgeous footwear.  Just when I thought I had seen the best, Aldo has delivered a range of shoes that are simply stunning.

“This season we stripped everything down to the essentials. We wanted the product to speak for itself . The collection is varied and the campaign reflects it. “Whether your style is metal, punk or glam, GIVE ME ALDO delivers”




With a credit card in hand, I would certainly buy tons of these babies and sit them on my shelf.  I think the beautiful Aldo shoes speak for themselves.


      aldo6            aldo4 

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