Champagne Day with Tsogo Sun

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.

–F. Scott Fitzgerald

Vive le Champagne! It’s time to titillate your taste buds with the bubbly sparkle and glorious taste of Champagne in a not-to-be-missed celebration of Champagne Day 2018 with Tsogo Sun (

On #ChampagneDay – Friday 19 October – and right through the weekend to Sunday 21 October, Champagne will flow from morning till late at select Tsogo Sun hotels where guests can enjoy their golden, white or pink bubbles in the ambience of one of Tsogo Sun’s beautiful venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Celebrate Champagne Day at one of the following participating Tsogo Sun hotels:


· Sandton Sun

· InterContinental Johannesburg

· Holiday Inn Sandton – Rivonia

· Southern Sun Hyde Park

· SunSquare Montecasino

· Crowne Plaza Johannesburg

· InterContinental OR Tambo

Western Cape

· Southern Sun Cape Sun

· Southern Sun The Cullinan

· SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl

· Southern Sun Waterfront


· Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani

· Suncoast Towers

· Beverly Hills

Tsogo Sun, which has earned a reputation as home to a wide selection of renowned Champagnes at the best wine list prices all year round, will be featuring four champagnes and one MCC (Méthode Cap Classique) on #ChampagneDay: Moet & Chandon Nectar at R595; Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial at R495; Veuve Clicquot Rosé at R735; and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label at R545. The MCC is Graham Beck Bliss Demi Sec or Graham Beck Brut forR250 at a fantastic buy-one-bottle-get-one-free special offer.

Miguel Chan, Tsogo Sun Group Sommelier, says there’s always a good reason to enjoy champagne. “As the English novelist Charles Dickens once famously said, ‘“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.”

Gather friends, family and other Champagne lovers from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st October and join the celebrations at a Tsogo Sun venue. Share your

Share your Tsogo Sun #ChampagneDay experiences on social media using @TsogoSun #ChampagneDay #MUSTBEMOET. After all, #ChampagneDay is for sharing!

Tsogo Sun has a portfolio of over 100 hotels and 13 casino and entertainment destinations throughout South Africa, Africa and the Seychelles.

For more details, visit

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Dubai commemorates Gandhi

How amazing is this ?

The Burj Khalifa beams Mahatma Gandhi’s images and iconic quotes marking his 150th birth anniversary.

The world’s tallest tower in Dubai was also lit up in colours of the Indian flag as part of celebrations organised by Indian diplomats in the UAE.

Gandhi led the subcontinent to independence from Britain in 1947.

His non-violent, passive resistance movement inspired civil rights groups fighting discrimination around the world.

Video source unknown.

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How can tourism promote a culture of peace?

Why tourism?

Can tourism be seen as an instrument to achieve complicity between people’s minds?

“There is nothing better that connects two people’s mind than a good conversation” The above quote could be used to describe the effect which tourism has on people. Like a great conversation, tourism could be said to play a vital role amongst people all over the world. It fosters communication in all its senses, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

In today’s world it is evident that there is a shortage of moral or ethical values amongst people across the different nations in this world, resulting in a globalised world lacking these morals and ethical values. Ignorance, the failure to consider the needs of others, and selfishness are a few of the ways which hinder us from embracing diversity and a common human perspective, which would result informal empathy, internal moral compassion, tolerance of differences, historical consciousness and interpretation. The above mentioned features are intrinsic, inherent and can be found in the practice of tourism.

Tourism has been emphasized as one of the most effective instruments which continue to tackle to tackle social and economical poverty, as well as encourage the culture of peace practice amongst people. In looking at the UN architecture, one is able to see the growing implications which the tourism sector has on the world and world policies. The touristic phenomenon has achieved a world record of 5% of world’s GDP contribution and is responsible for 235 millions jobs, according to the UNWTO’s data. Often the tourism sector counts more than 20% of the countries’ GDP.

On the negative side of this, it is evident that tourism focuses on economical matters, depriving any focus on the global implications of the constant interaction tourism encourages.

In the literal sense, tourism is nothing more or less than people meeting with the willingness to understand each other’s differences and point of view and simultaneously creating the opportunity for dialogue, mutual understanding and peace to take place.

Apart from tourism, various factors could be seen to play a role in encouraging integration and diversity amongst societies across the world. For example, the cultural segment has played an essential source of people’s integration and inclusiveness in developing countries.

Education has also played a significant role in encouraging integration, and incorporation amongst people all over the world. Education has been reconsidered and proposed to being the catalyst for exchange between countries, cultures and sectors, and most importantly for enhancing the lives of people by granting them the opportunity to leave their poverty stricken lives and societies in exchange a for better future which includes job and exchange opportunities.

In the tourism world, differences play the most essential role, differences among people represents the added-value. Being different is always a positive factor that usually motivates and encourages people to get to move and engage with each other and embrace the differences with the use of spiritual, religious and cultural meanings.

This notion of tourism needs to be addressed in multilateral governance discussions, where all the main actors, the international community, the ministerial and experts, private sector, local institutions and civil society engages are all present, and are all willing to work together in combined efforts and initiatives (from poverty alleviation to the promotion of awareness of sustainable development addressing special needs like regional development, urban planning and protection of natural and cultural landscapes).

This combined approach of working at the local level within communities and at the national and international level, in order to reach and engage the poor, has been considered as potentially being the “one possible and effective answer” and effective approach towards the world’s poorest areas where it can make a difference.

by Liliana Mota

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Healthy meals brought to you by Fry’s this Heart awareness month

We are in the last week of September and still commemorating Heart Awareness Month as well as Heritage month in South Africa.

The focus bring on Saturated fat and bad cholesterol choices and overriding those choices by ‘Loving Your Heart’ differently and switching to plant-based braai which contains less fat instead.

Download your free healthy meal cookbook here:

Fry’s Love Your Heart Cookbook:

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China opens World’s first “Underground Hotel”

Rocky project: Shanghai remodels quarry into “ground scrapper”

Shanghai is building a huge underground hotel on the site of an abandoned quarry – and the project is finally nearing completion after ten years in the making and a few missed deadlines.

The underground hotel is 67 meters below sea level, and it will have 17 floors under the ground’s surface and two floors under the water.

Developed by Shanghai Shimao Property Group and to be managed by InterContinental Hotels Group, the hotel, named InterContinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, is expected to extend 19 stories into the bottom of the pit.

The hotel is located at an abandoned quarry from the World War Two period in Songjiang District, the southwestern outskirt of Shanghai.

Source : China Global TV

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Visa related changes to make travel easier in South Africa

Statement by the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Malusi Gigaba MP, at the Media Briefing on Visa-related Reforms in Pretoria on 25 September 2018

At its ordinary meeting of 19 September 2018, Cabinet announced that a number of changes will be made to make it easier for tourists, business people and academia to come to South Africa.

This was after Cabinet had received a joint report from the Ministers of Home Affairs and Tourism.

Travel reforms will include amendments to regulations applying to foreign minors travelling to South Africa, visa waivers and relaxation of visa requirements for certain countries.

This media briefing was therefore convened to provide details in this regard.

The Department of Home Affairs is committed to managing immigration in a way which advances our national development, security as well as our international obligations.

We play a critical economic role in admitting over 10 million international visitors to South Africa annually, which includes tourists, business travellers, investors and neighbours and are committed to playing an active part in efforts to continuing to increase these numbers of regular visitors to our country.

Millions of jobs are sustained by the economic activity generated by these travellers.

We also contribute to national development by facilitating the inward migration of skilled workers, investors, doctors, researchers and others through our visa and permit regime.

Our task is to make entry into South Africa of the aforementioned visitors as easy as possible, while guarding against risks posed by the minority of travellers who do not abide by our laws, those who overstay, and persons associated with transnational threats such as organized crime, human trafficking and terrorism.

It is a challenge inherent in immigration management to detect, prevent and act against these risks without unduly inconveniencing law-abiding travellers.

Home Affairs is committed to finding and implementing innovative immigration management solutions to positively impact tourism and economic development.


Amendments to the current immigration regulations are in line with the October 2015 recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Immigration Regulations, which was led by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his previous capacity, as Deputy President of the Republic.

The task of this IMC was to assist in mitigating unintended consequences of the new regulations, to address concerns that were raised by stakeholders in the tourism sector regarding the implementation of the 2014 Immigration Regulations.

Travelling with minors

Home Affairs requires that minors travelling in or out of the Republic do so with the consent of both parents as required by Section 18(3)(c) of the Children’s Act.

As indicated by the President, we are simplifying the rules on travelling minors who are foreign nationals to minimize disruption to legitimate travellers without compromising the safety of minors and the rights of their parents.

To this end, we will issue an international travel advisory before the end of October 2018, after consultation with the Immigration Advisory Board (IAB).

The key changes will be that rather than requiring all foreign national travelling minorsto carry documentation proving parental consent for the travelling minor to travel, we will rather strongly recommend that travellers carry this documentation.

Our immigration officials will only insist on documentation by exception – in high risk situations – rather than for all travellers, in line with practice by several other countries.

Rather than denying entry where documentation is absent, travellers will be given an opportunity to prove parental consent.

South African minors will still be required to prove parental consent when leaving our borders.

These changes will be implemented in good time for the festive season when many people would be travelling with children.

We will train immigration officials on the revised regulations, to ensure smooth implementation.

Visa waivers

South Africa already waives visas to a number of countries.

In line with our Africa-centred foreign and immigration policies, ordinary passport holders of 15 of the 16 SADC countries do not require visas to visit South Africa, with the exception of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

For DRC, diplomatic and official passport holders do not require a visa.

As called for by the 2017 White Paper on International Migration, we are reviewing our visa regime for other Africa countries in line with the African free movement agenda.

Where we are unable to waive visas for objective risks, we will implement other measures to ease travel.

Of our top 10 African tourism market, only Nigeria has a visa requirement for ordinary passport holders.

Of our top 10 overseas tourism markets, only India and China require a visa. Visa waivers are already in place for the rest of the top 10 overseas markets, including travellers from: the UK, the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

We have implemented a visa waiver for all citizens of the Russian Federation and Angola, on 1 April 2017 and 1 December 2017, respectively, to travel to SA without having to apply for a visa.

This has contributed to the increase in the number of tourists visiting South Africa.

Negotiations are being finalised to conclude Visa Waiver Agreements for ordinary passport holders with the following countries, from respective regions:

  • AFRICA: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sao Tome & Principe, Tunisia, Saharawi-Arab Democratic Republic and Ghana.
  • MIDDLE-EAST: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, State of Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait;
  • EASTERN EUROPE: Belarus and Georgia; and

A list of visa exemptions is always available under the Immigration section of the Home Affairs website.

Simplification of visa requirements

We are simplifying visa requirements for countries such as China and India.

This will make provision for taking biometrics on arrival in South Africa; allowing visa applications via courier and issuing 5-year multiple entry visas.

This should be in place next month, October 2018.

Easing movement in this manner will help in attracting larger numbers of tourists, business people and families.

We will consider easing, similarly, travel restrictions for certain categories of visitors for other countries, including Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda.

Long term multiple entry visas

In order to further ease movement of travellers, for purposes of tourism, business meetings and academic exchange, we have implemented long term multiple entry visas for frequent travellers, namely:

  • A three-year multiple entry visa for frequent trusted travellers to South Africa, and
  • A ten-year long term multiple entry visa for business people and academics from Africa.


Business people from BRICS countries who require visas (China and India) are issued a 10-year multiple entry visa, within 5 days of application.

They do not need to apply in person, and can use courier services.

This arrangement is meant to attract business people and prospective investors.

Critical Skills List review

Consultations are being finalised with other government departments, academics, business and organised labour, to implement a reviewed critical skills list by April 2019.

This will help in attracting and retaining critically skilled labour best to enhance economic development and advance our country’s new path of growth, employment and transformation.

In order to retain critical skills, foreign students who graduate at South African institutions of higher learning within critical skills categories, are offered an opportunity to apply for permanent residence upon graduation.

Those who do not opt for permanent residence are issued with critical skills visas.

Movement control system at ports of entry

South Africa is currently finalising the development of a new Biometric Movement Control System which will be piloted at Cape Town and Lanseria International Airports.

This will bring greater efficiency in the clearing of travellers arriving at our international airports.

If you recall, we have successfully completed a pilot on biometrics capturing at selected airports (OR Tambo, King Shaka, Lanseria and Cape Town International Airports).

We have implemented a biometrics capture system at the six busiest land ports – Beit Bridge, Lebombo, Ficksburg, Maseru Bridge, Oshoek and Kopfontein.

Though unrelated to visas, the above six are the land ports of entry about which we also receive the highest volumes of complaints regarding congestion.

Processes are advances to implement and extensive physical and systems infrastructure overhaul of these ports of entry that will resolve congestion once and for all and ensure human movement, trade relations and tourism with our neighbours are all drastically improved for the common good of all.

We also have a biometric footprint at the Cape Town harbour.

In the current financial year, we are working on expanding biometrics to all remaining ports on the EMCS.


The development of e-Visa is at an advanced stage and will be piloted in New Zealand, by April 2019.

This will significantly enhance efficiency in the issuing of visas to tourists and business people visiting our country.

Once the concerns identified during the pilot phase have been addressed, it will be rolled out in other countries.


We will begin piloting e-Gates at OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports by 2019.

This will allow returning South African citizens, as well as certain categories of trusted travellers, to be processed electronically rather than having to interact with an immigration officer.

This will increase efficiencies and convenience, and improve facilitation of movement of frequent travellers going through our international airports, thus creating our capacity to service those that still require manual assistance through physical availability of immigration officers.

Border Management Authority

A related priority is the need to optimize border control operations and processes. Establishing an integrated Border Management Authority is quite critical in this regard.

The Border Management Authority Bill is currently at the National Council of Provinces, for finalisation.

Boosting tourism and the economy

Changes to our visa architecture have a potential to boost tourism and to make business travel more conducive.

They will contribute to the stimulus and recovery plan the President announced on Friday (21 September 2018); and go a long way in improving lives of our people.

I thank you.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

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Free transit visa for UAE tourists

June 2018,

Dubai: A new policy to offer free limited transit visas to transit passengers to come into effect soon. The date is to be announced soon, possibly 1 October 2018.

This would allow visitors to stay in the UAE for nearly a week, and it’s not just good for the tourism sector but for the local economy as a whole.

The visa, which can be obtained at express counters across UAE airports, can be extended for up to four days for a minimal fee of Dh50.

The Cabinet approved a new decision to exempt transit passengers from all entry fees for the first 48 hours. Transit visa can be extended for up to 96 hours for a fee of only Dh50.

“Many new attractions are opening up in the UAE and these measures will boost tourism inflows and also result in incremental sales in the hotel and retail sectors. Theme parks and other tourist attractions like desert safari’s would also benefit from these transit passengers wanting to take a small break in the UAE,”

According to the latest data from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) Dubai alone saw a total of 15.79 million visitors in 2017, up by 6.2 per cent over a year earlier. The majority of the tourists were from India, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Dubai expects to have 20 million tourists by 2020


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UAE exempts children of tourists under the age of 18 from visa fee

UAE exempts children of tourists under the age of 18 from visa fee

Valid from July 15 to September 15

Children of tourists, under the age of 18 visiting UAE will be exempted from visa fee, during the summer season from July 15th to September 15th of each year UAE cabinet announced on Sunday.

The new law came in support of family tourism and to reduce the cost on visitors in the holiday season.

The Cabinet’s decision reflects the UAE’s position in the global tourism sector as a prime destination attracting visitors and families from all over the world.

The number of passengers traveling through the country’s airports reached 32.8 million passengers during the first quarter of this year. Visitors come to the UAE to enjoy hotels and tourism services, with a number of festivals and activities happening throughout the year.

The decision of the Cabinet goes in line with the growth of the tourism sector in the country following the exemption of transit tourists from visa fees for the first 48 hours.

Source: Gulf News

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BelugaXL takes to the sky

Airbus’ no. 1 BelugaXL – whose livery features beluga whale-inspired eyes and an enthusiastic grin – accelerates down the runway at France’s Toulouse-Blagnac Airport before lifting off on its maiden flight, performed 19 July 2018

The first BelugaXL took off this morning from Blagnac in Toulouse, France , for its maiden flight over south-western France. The aircraft

is the first of five BelugaXL to enter into service later in 2019 and to gradually replace the BelugaST transporters.

The crew in the cockpit on board this flight comprised: Captain Christophe Cail, Co-Pilot Bernardo Saez-Benito Hernandez and Test-Flight Engineer Jean Michel Pin. Meanwhile, monitoring the aircraft systems and performance in real-time at the flight-test-engineer’s (FTE) station were Laurent Lapierre and Philippe Foucault.

The BelugaXL was launched in November 2014 to address the transport and ramp-up capacity requirements for Airbus beyond 2019. The new oversize air transporters are based on the A330-200 Freighter, with a large re-use of existing components and equipment.


How amazing is technology?

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Sales & Networking Meetup

Join the YINYANG sales team to help you improve your techniques and learn successful techniques and tools for sales.

Date: Thursday , 19 April in Jhb

State 5 Restaurant,
Rustic Timbers Centre,
Cnr Witkoppen and Kingfisher Dr

Putting you in control of a sales process that makes success happen.
Enhancing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

Learn more on
Understanding the drivers of confidence and self-motivation.
Enhance collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers.
Cold calling, setting up meetings, and much much more..

Great lessons for sales teams, managers, multi level marketing tools etc.

Seats are limited.

R100 pp includes a Pizza Buffet.
Cash bar available.

Email me your guest names :

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