Aarya Restaurant @ Montecasino


You’ve always loved butter Chicken, but felt too intimidated to try it at home? You have got to try MasterChef Deena Naidoo’s Butter Chicken at  Aarya restaurant Montecasino. Every mouthful if flavorful and delish. So go hungry!

Meeting with Deena was a pleasant surprise, as he is not only humble, but a man of many talents. His passion for food led him to the title of MasterChef. He humbly spoke to every guest at our Meet & greet event at Aarya, with loads of enthusiasm and his love for his family was clearly evident. His regular visits to his restaurant ensures that he is able to maintain a balance between work, businessness and family.

As you can see, proof is in the pudding. Guests enjoyed an array of divine desserts from the menu.


Passionate about food and life: Aarya will certainly be my choice for family and  corporate dinners.

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