Bavarian Christmas Festival @ Silverstar Casino

This year Silverstar Casino brings to you and the family, a new winter treat: The Bavarian Christmas in July Festival from 03-07 July 2013. The festival will be styled as a typical Bavarian (German) village, providing food, rides and entertainment for the whole family.

Bavarian Christmas in July

The preview of this festival, gave us a sample of the delicious food and drinks which will range from eisbein to chicken, to the traditional beer and gluwhein (a beverage usually made with red wine and  various spices and raisins. Served hot) Freshly prepared by executive Chef George Georgiou and his team. We had the pleasure of meeting him and Masterchef’s Chef Benny Masekwameng. Both of whom served up a variety of tasters. The apple strudel was quite a delight.

IMG_0090   IMG_0082

Visitors to the event can expect a fairyland of Christmas lights, Santa’s appearance and a village market selling a range of winter gear. An authentic german band called Schnapps be also be performing.

My favourite tastes were the Weizengold beer and Beyers chocolates. Make sure you dont miss these fine tastes along with various other german delicacies.


Bavarian Christmas in July runs from 3-7 July . tickets are only R2o p/person, children under 12yrs free. See The festival opens at 4pm on Wednesday to Friday and from 11am over the weekend.

For more info:

Silverstar promises to deliver family entertaiment amidst the current revamp of the casino. Visitors to Silverstar casino will have a variety of new features including movie theatres and pubs. All this and more in a years time.

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