A bittersweet thai massage @ Pallapai spa

Excited to use my Groupon voucher for a 2hour treatment at Pallapai, I invited a friend along. I thought it was a pretty awesome deal to get an hour massage and a facial at less 40% than the normal rate.

With the GPS on hand, we arrived at Pallapai Thai spa in Payne Street, Bryanston.  I was a little confused as when I bought the voucher, I assumed it was another spa I had passed daily in bryanston. But..to my surprise, I was wrong. Teaches me to check the double check names before buying products.

The house looked old from the outside and I immediately hoped that the inside was better in appearance. We received a warm welcome and 2 therapists led us to a waiting area where we had our  feet washed, prior to treatment. This reminded me of an old village setting.


Our room was like a coldroom. The aircon was switched on and an oil heater had just been turned on when we got there.  I cringed and moaned as I lay on the bed. To add more discomfort, my lovely therapist started the massage with her ice cold hands. When I jumped and squealed like a baby, the response was a laugh. Only because she never understood what I was complaining about.


I bit my tongue and decided to just try and enjoy, although I was ready to dress up and leave.  Why..I have no idea.  Are we too used to having it luxury?  I guess it wasn’t fair to my friend who tagged along and silently endured the cold and uncomfortable experience.

2 long hours later, we scurried to get dressed and out of there, without having tea or making conversation. It was like heaven being in the warm car. This is an experience Il not want to go through again. It was a bittersweet experience as I cannot fault the therapists for their good massage yet the cold room and cold hands made it very very unpleasant.

What would you have done in this situation?

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