Delightful Tiramisu


1 cup strong coffee.

2 Tbs castor sugar

1pkt 0r 30-35  boudoir biscuits

1 tsp vanila essence

250ml fresh cream

150g grated choclate ( cadbury )

1 tub Mascarpone

optional extra: Kahlua/brandy


Combine the coffee and brandy/Kahlua (optional). Dip the Bakers Boudoir Biscuits into the mixture (don’t soak them) and lay them at the bottom of a medium square dish.

Combine the vanilla, sugar, vanilla and grated choclates and mix well.  Add the marscapone and mix lightly until just combined. Lightly fold in the cream.  Spoon the mixture over the biscuits in one layer or alternating layers finishing with a layer of cream.

Refrigerate until set and sprinkle with cocoa powder and remaing grated choc just before serving.


This quick and easy desert requires no cooking or baking. One bite is all I need to remind me why this dessert is named , Tiramisu, meaning “pick me up.” The blend of coffee, chocolate, mascarpone and most of all, liquer, will pick you up even on your gloomiest day.


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