Reasons to start your Travel adventures

1.No life is truly worth living without seeing the beauty of our planet. “To Travel is To Live” – Hans Christian Andersen.
2. Recent studies have found that money spent on travel is more likely to make you much happier than money spent on material wealth.
3. You`ll eventually forget about your $500 iPhone but you`ll never forget the first time you experienced a new place, new cultures and new scenery.
4. A short trip will make you feel just as happy as a long trip. Sometimes a weekend is all you need.
5. Studies have also shown that travelers get along with people better, and often feel less anxiety in everyday social situations.
6. Couples that travel together show increased intimacy. The best travel accessory is always the person you love.
7. Trips can change history. Darwin was inspired by traveling to the Galapagos. Che Guevara found himself biking across South America. Colombo got lost and discovered America
8. The only big cost for traveling to a distant country or another continent is the airplane ticket. A body massage in Bali is only $10. A dinner out in Thailand is $10. And, while visiting England you can stay in a real medieval castle for $180 a night.
9. I believe that one can only experience Gods creation and beauty , through travel.

I think it`s time for me to pack my bags! What about you?

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