Venice (AND The Train to Venice)

John and Pauls travels: Venice

John and Paul's travels

Welcome to the wonderful world of travel with John & Paul!  John here, on todays hit list is our trek from Fussen, Germany to Venice, Italy!  I know you might think we would be getting tired at this point, but admittedly, we are not.  It’s still a great high and still very exciting each day.  This train ride is a perfect example, it was one of the most surprising of our journey so far.  The scenery from the train to get to Venice was spectacular.  So much so, that I’d like to visit and explore this area in the next few years.  Yes!  I’m already thinking of more travel.  (I know, we’re not done with this trip yet.)

We had a quick train from Fussen to Munich.  Then the long ride (Six and 1/2 hours) to Venice.  After our other train rides, thinking it would be rather dull and not…

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