I salute: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Born in Klerksdorp on 7 October 1931, Archbishop Desmond Tutu can be de a key role player in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. He was also the first black South African Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. He is an outspoken critic of apartheid, a teacher, an author, a Nobel Prize winner, and former Archbishop of Cape Town.

Archbishop Tutu became heavily embroiled in controversy as he spoke out against the injustices of the apartheid system. He became a prominent leader in the crusade for justice and racial conciliation in South Africa. In 1984 he received a Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to that cause. In 1986 Bishop Tutu was elevated to Archbishop of Cape Town, and in this capacity he did much to bridge the chasm between black and white Anglicans in South Africa. And as Archbishop, Tutu became a principal mediator and conciliator in the transition to democracy in South Africa.

For several years he was denied a passport to travel abroad as the South African Government continued to persecute him. In September 1982, after eighteen months without a passport, he was issued with a limited ‘travel document’ which allowed him and his wife to travel to America. There he was able to educate Americans about Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo, whom most Americans were ignorant of. In 1983 he was elected Patron of the United Democratic Front (UDF), one of the most important non-racial anti-apartheid organisations.

Desmond Tutu is highly revered for his knowledge, views and experience, especially in reconciliation. His phrase ‘Rainbow Nation’ is aimed at promoting harmony among all the people of South Africa.

Courage; Hope; Love and Tolerance. Together these values are an expression of Archbishop Tutu’s belief that “We are family”.

Desmond Tutu is a man I salute: for his passion for life, his commitment to peace and for holding leaders accountable. **Happiest Birthday Desmond Tutu **

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3 Responses to I salute: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  1. Posts like this are seriously inspiring.
    And you have made me search wikipedia for more details of this great man.

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