Practical Energy Saving Tips


Reduce the temperature of your geyser to around 55 degrees Celsius so that you don’t need to add too much cold water when you shower or do the dishes.


Remember to keep the lid on the pot when you cook to conserve heat and energy.

The size of the pot should match the size of the stove plate; this can save you up to 25% on the electricity you use while cooking.


Close the windows and doors when the heater is on and save money!


Close the door every time you take things out of the fridge and also check that it seals properly.


Soak beans, samp and other related dry food overnight. This will save time, money and several hours of cooking.


Try to boil only the water you need instead of boiling a full pot or kettle every time.


Insulate your geyser by wrapping newspapers, old blankets or other insulating materials around it and the hot water pipes.


Switch off lights, fans, computers and other energy-consuming appliances when you leave the room. It will save you money.


Always try to use appropriate cooking utensils when cooking; for example, use pots and pans with a flat bottom, as these consume up to 50% less energy. Note that electric stoves consumes a lot of electricity so use the plates and oven as little as possible.

TIP 10

Use the right energy for the right purposes; for example, use heaters for space heating rather than hotplates, and use an electrical kettle for water heating rather than an ordinary pot on the stove. You will use about 50% less electricity.

Note: Electricity is good for electronic devices but gas is more efficient for heating and cooking.

TIP 11

Enjoy a comfortable indoor climate both summer and winter by ventilating your room properly on a daily basis. Remember to switch off your heater, fan or air conditioner while ventilating the room.

TIP 12

Reduce your electricity account by skipping the washing machine’s pre-wash cycle if your clothes are not particularly dirty. This will use up to 20% less electricity.

TIP 13

Save water and electricity by washing your bed linen at 60 degrees Celsius instead of 90 degrees; it will still be clean!

TIP 14

Reduce the temperature on the heater from full heat to a comfortable level.

TIP 15

Turn off all stand-by modes every time you leave the house and before going to bed.

TIP 16

Use energy-saving light bulbs. They last much longer and use less electricity, saving you money in the long run.

TIP 17

Reduce your electricity bill by doing all your ironing at the same time.

TIP 18

Check you electricity or gas meter at regular intervals and take a keen interest in your energy consumption level.

TIP 19

Share your energy consumption information with your neighbours; discuss your electricity bills!


· When possible, establish lift clubs.

· Switch to radial-ply tyres because these offer less rolling resistance and have a longer life than the cross-ply variety.

· Avoid driving with under-inflated tyres because tyre pressure that is too low not only increases consumption, it also markedly reduces a tyre’s life.

· Avoid stop-start driving.

· Accelerate slowly.

· Do not speed. The faster you drive, the more petrol you use.


Source: Department of Energy

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