Win Caviar with Abba Seafood

Caviar and Champaign. This was the theme of our evening at the Abba/Ocean King Media Launch this week. With Caviar being a luxury, I seldom get to indulge in such decadence. Thanks to Abba seafood’s their products are now available in South Africa at select Pick n’ Pay stores.

Abba Seafood’s products have been launched in South Africa, bringing to our shores the #1 selling seafood brand in Scandinavia. With flavour being in the forefront it is not hard to understand the awesome taste and exceptional quality that it delivers. Started in 1838, this company started trading in herring barrels and salt. Now Abba Seafood have made it easier for people to enjoy the very best from the sea.

Socialising is easier when food is included. It should however be simple, delicious and easy to prepare and that is the very essence of Abba products.

Caviars, Herrings and Spreads.

The delicate little eggs are perfect for garnishing. They are lightly salted and have a clean, fresh taste and a crispy bite. Perfectly matured, the eggs are of a beautiful colour from natural colouring. Caviar gives life a quality edge and decadent feel.

How to use them

On other seafood or snacks as garnish

Combine with Avocado or potatoe & dill , add some Wine & Champagne and you have an ambiance right there.

Add to salads and to other seafood meals

The Herrings are MSC Certified and Kosher endorsed.

Herrings – How to use them

Not intended to be eaten alone – should be mixed with other ingredients to unlock flavours

Inclusions in salads , sauces

With sour cream/cheeses, on crackers and digestive biscuits

With sliced fruits and vegetables


They are convenient, hygienic tubes that last 28 days from opening. There are various flavours available. Salmon is high in Omega 3 and Tuna is high in protein and the spreads are perfect for ease of use.

Spreads – How to use them

Not intended to be eaten alone – should be mixed with other ingredients to unlock flavours

As a dip, combined with avocados/sour cream/cheeses

It needs to be used in combination with crackers and breads

As a secret ingredient in sauces , the spread can be added to sauces in the cooking process (e.g. sauce for pasta)

Recipe : Caviar and chickpea dip


2 servings

0,8 cups of boiled chickpeas
1 jar of choice of Abba’s caviar
1 lime
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Mix chickpeas, olive oil, freshly squeezed lime, salt and pepper by hand or with a blender. Then add Abba’s caviar and stir gently. Serve in a nice bowl and garnish with some grated lime zest. Serve with biscuits and breads

***Win*** 5 lucky followers can win 4 jars of Abba Caviar right here : D

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**note -I am not being reimbursed to feature this competition. I think it’s an awesome prize .Good luck J

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  1. Tracy Jacobs says:

    Unusual and delicious giveaway 🙂

  2. himalh16 says:

    Reblogged this on CarbonTek and commented:
    Caviar!! MMmmmmmmM!!!

  3. mtheron14 says:

    I would love this. hmmm. Oh yes I followed, Reblogged and tweeted from @moniqueTheron, followed you @Namritha25

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