L’Oreal Professional African Hair Institute launches in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is fast making pace with international companies investing in the city. I attended the launch of The L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute (LPASI) in Braamfontein on 20 February 2014. It’s so exciting that The City of Joburg was chosen by L’Oréal for its first Institute in Africa.

A touch of glamour and sophistication was added to De Korte Street with a red carpet along which guests were welcomed by drummers and human statues wearing fabulous and intricate hairpieces symbolizing the fusion of African heritage with French flair, their bodies painted in the colours of the French flag.

“It is the start of a new era with a new generation of hair stylists trained in diverse hair types”. We want to contribute to the economical red flags namely education, job creation and entrepreneurship” said Charmaine Joubert, the Manager of the Institute.

MMC Counsellor Tshidi Mfikoe warmly welcomed L’Oréal into the City of Joburg thanking L’Oreal South Africa for investing in the Braamfontein area and for making a contribution to job creation through our presence in South Africa. Counsellor Mfikoe highlighted the importance of the youth acquiring more technical skills in order to assist them enter the job market while she congratulated the first intake of 38 students.

Geoff Skingsley, L’Oréal’s Director for the Middle-East and Africa indicated that the hairdressing industry is one in which there is a demand for stylists. He stressed that “in developed countries hairdressing is the most important occupation in terms of employment. On average, there is one female hair salon for every 1000 inhabitants”. Geoff highlighted the potential impact the industry could have from a job creation perspective in a market like South Africa.

L’Oréal’s MD Bertrand de Laleu shared his vision for creating an Institute in South Africa after visiting Brazil where he looked at ethnic hair care and discovered, after visiting the favelas or townships of Brazil that hairdressing was the foremost creator of jobs.

“We chose Braamfontein because we believe in the inspiration of the streets with a strong student community, with the emergence of a new night life with cafés, restaurants and neighbourhood markets. We also chose Braamfontein for its easy access for our students who may come by mass transportation”, he said.

For more information on making a career of hairdressing, Visit http://lorealinstitute.co.za/index.html

For any enquiries please contact:

Charmaine Joubert

L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute Project Manager

Email: charmaine.joubert

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  1. jennifer mashudu says:

    Hy i wanna make an appointment for registeration please help…0768541331.my email is above plsss

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