Polo Red: A New Scent of Masculinity and Power

Some of the simple things I love about people includes someone who smells great. For me, it’s the first point of attention.

In 1978 Carlos Benaim created the original Polo for Ralph Lauren. Thirty-five years later, this scent still has fantastic success. Polo Red is the newest fragrance for men. The fragrance is energizing carrying the scent of strength, masculinity and power.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red fragrance composition is a creation of Olivier Gillotin . The Polo Red fragrance series is housed in the iconic shaped bottle of the classic Polo that was first designed by Bormioli Rocco, with modern simple lines.

Polo Red is a fiery blend of spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit and deep redwood that ignites the thrill-seeker in every man.

· Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lemon, Cranberry

· Middle Notes: Saffron, Sage

· Base Notes: Wood, Amber, Coffee

This powerful composition aims to heighten sensations with adrenaline bringing to the foreground the spirit of adventure. Most notable element in Polo Red is the red tones that travels through all the layers of fragrance ingredients. The colour red is often associated with love, passion and courage.

Hint for men: A woman’s sense of smell is much more acute than that of a man. A good fragrance will most definitely win that first look.

Image source: Ralph Lauren

Thanks to Stuttafords Sandton city, we had a fantastic opportunity to try the new Polo Red and also take part the Polo Red Race. Thanks to AB Adventure Bookings, six lucky winners get to enjoy hot laps in a Ferrari!

Stuttafords has the Polo Red fragrance in stock now two months ahead of other retailers. Get yourself a bottle now.


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