Count your Blessings

blessing nams

As grown ups we’re allowed to do all the fun things we spent high school wishing we could do, and yet, we get caught up in jobs we hate, paying bills, sitting in traffic, and sometimes ‘just getting by in life feeling distressed and happy.

Does this  sound like you?

So often we tend to get caught up in an emotional web when faced with problems. I often have to remind myself of the encouraging reasons to stay positive and trudge ahead despite life’s low points.


For me, its the small positive messages on twitter, bbm, an encouraging  book and even a smiley face that provides a constant reminder of life’s blessings. Having family and friends support is a bonus.

It is often said that we begin to feel happier when we spread happiness to others. I try to accomplish this through my charity organization and through encouraging others. Its time to do more of what makes us happier. Find ways to bring the fun in and keep your eyes sparkling for special moments or people that can make your life even more beautiful.


Lets’ take time to be grateful for what we already have.

I’m keen to know what keeps you motivated. How do you deal with pitfalls, tragedies and sadness.  Comment and share with me what happiness means to you.


“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us”


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One Response to Count your Blessings

  1. Gugu_A1 says:

    Happiness is the love in my family, freedom to live my dreams and just choosing to be happy through all the tough and trying times and lastly knowing God loves me is everything.

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