Mclaren 650S South African Launch

The Launch of Mclaren 650S in South Africa.



The Mclaren 650 S – True beauty and sophistication on 4 wheels.

A few months back I had the privileged opportunity to attend the South African launch of the 650 S


“From the peerless 12C to the eagerly awaited McLaren P1, every car we build incorporates race-bred technology, pioneering innovation and our celebrated obsession with detail,” says Mclaren.

The 650S Spider which was revealed to us by Justin Divaris, CEO of the Daytona Group, was in Tarocco Orange. In my opinion, this colour really makes the fast lines of this car stand out (in a crowd of super cars).




To most people a supercar is a car that one uses on “special occasions” or to track days and then to be tucked away in the garage. However being based on the MP12 the 650 S with its every day necessities such as a revised screen based audio system, SAT-NAV, Bluetooth telephony…

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