What makes MaCherie Nails so amazing

Ma Cherie1

Manicures have been widely advertised at spa’s and beauty salons, and honestly speaking, nothing has really peaked my interest until recently. I am rather conservative when it comes to nail colour but a few weeks of unhealthy looking nails , I decided to pretty up my hand.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Kelly, the talented Nail Artist from Macherie Nails. It was not too difficult choosing a style and colour with so many beautiful designs available. Kelly assisted me with in choosing a colour and design to suit my skin tone and off course my not too bold personality.

Whilst applying the gel poilish, I recieved some education on Gel nails. I discovered that the UV light used at another salon, had actually burnt my skin on my hand. Thankfully Ma Cherie nails uses an LED drying light which is much safer on the skin.

Ma Cherie 5

Kelly is skilled in fine arts and it isimpressive to watch her draw on the fine detail on each nail. After about an hour and nails looked flawless.  What makes Ma Cherie nails so amazing is that they were dry as soon as they were done. How awesome is that. I could reach into my bag without having to stress about my nails smudging. Gel nails are perfect for women with  a busy lifestyle, like myself. They are high gloss and look beautiful.

ma Cherie 2

Two weeks later and still no chipping! As your nail grows you will be able to notice the nail growth between the gel nail and your cuticle. When it becomes too untidy, the Gel nails have to be soaked off to prevent damage to the nails.  My nails are now 2 weeks old and this is how they look:

Ma Cherie 7

Nail art is its own accessory and even has its place on the red carpet. It is probably one of the simplest and most affordable accessories to emerge.  Kelly is an artist with the nail as a mini-canvas. She knows her  craft of nail care and nail art well.

Ma Cherie 3

Hope this was useful! I’ll be waiting for you to share your experience

**Special Offer to my readers: R50 off for gel polish for 5 of my readers.

(R210 but with one finger nail art on each hand . Valid only  Until 10 October 2014  and you can call Ma Cherie nails to make an appointment first (Saturday not included in the booking).

Please comment below on your experience with manicures or gel nails.

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5 ladies will be chosen this week.

MaCherie Nails : Virgin Active Bryanston Complex, 3 Cross Place, Bryanston, Jhb

Tel: 084 445 4664


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