The Master Cleanse to feeling great again.

The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs,  who published it initially in the 1940s, and revived it in 1976 in his books.

The Master Cleanse is a Juice Fast or also referred to as a liquid diet that provides a healthy amount of calories and nutrients specifically suited for weight loss and cleansing.

Stanley Burroughs once said: “I humbly and yet proudly offer it to you, confidant that you will receive vigorous good health from its use”

The Master Cleanse is such an easy method:

  1. First, squeeze fresh Lemon Juice.
  2. Then add Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper into Pure Water.
  3. Drink a minimum of six to 12 times throughout the day whenever one is hungry
  4. Drink herbal teas and
  5. Do the Salt Water Flush

master cleanse diet

  1. Three Phases to The Master Cleanse:
    1. Ease-In: 3 Days of Slowly removing processed foods from your diet.
    2. The Lemonade Diet: 10 Days to Lose Weight Fast, and Feel Great At Last
    3. Ease-Out3 Days of slowly eating more and more complex foods
  • Naturally Non-caffeinated Herbal Teas (the only cheating allowed)
  • Remember to measure your body before, during and after the cleanse.
  • Journal or  document the process, emotions, challenges and triumphs during the Master Cleanse

    2 Important Tips to make sure you do the Salt Water Flush right

    1. Make sure you don’t used iodized table salt. NON-iodized sea salt is essential.
    2. The Salt Water Flush MUST be done on an empty stomach.


    Shake the mixture well and move to the sink. Somehow, by watching myself, I can manage to drink the whole liter in one try, spilling very little. This too is a challenge in itself, especially once your stomach has become very small from taking no solids. Chances are, you will feel full halfway through, so just keep going. Stopping only makes you taste the salt, and will activate your gag reflex. If you throw up most of the mixture, you will not have success.

  •  Proponents claim that the diet detoxifies the body and removes excess fat. There is no scientific evidence that the diet removes any toxins, or that it achieves anything beyond temporary weight loss. Though unlikely to be harmful over the short term it can be harmful over the long term. Short term side effects include fatigue, nausea, dizziness,  and dehydration, while long term harm includes loss of muscle mass.

The Cleanse and Detox is a Whole Body experience. You’ll be more aware, proud, and empowered with your ability to be confident, committed in your new healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the famous “Cleansers” High most notably touted by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who proclaims:

I feel great and taken weight off around my middle. It’s just kinda disappeared. I have lost 14 or 15 pounds I have more energy. I am doing yoga again. I am back walking. I was having real issues with my back. Joint pains and things like that seem to have all gone. I have a new kind of clarity as well.

Happy Cleansing everyone 🙂  Keep me posted on your experience



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