Your Guide to the Best Thali in India

Margaret indulges in Thali food in India. An experience of true indian culture.

Awkward American Traveler

When visiting India—because you should—if you somehow make it out without eating thali, you didn’t truly visit India. It’s this cultural exploration on a plate that summarizes the country in flavors.

IMG_0988 Kerala thali on traditional banana leaf plate.

Each region has its own take on it, including anything from fish and curried vegetables to dal and chapati, which makes it all the more important to try it at every stop along your journey. I, perhaps, went a little overboard, coining the term Thali Tuesday to make sure I had my fill of it. I don’t regret a single bite. IMG_0569After becoming a thali connoisseur, I found my favorite style was from the north in the small city of McLeod Ganj and I became a detective trying to find my favorite of my favorite. I narrowed it down and found the two best thalis in town.

To begin, there…

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