Spiritual guidance with Neeta Raga

We live in an era filled with stress and so much negativity that the need for spiritual enlightenment is growing and more people are turning to psychics and spiritual healers for guidance.

Being a very spiritual person, I am intrigued by clairvoyants and psychics who have the gift to channel messages from our guides and angels, and use it in a positive way to assist others. As a young girl, I secretly wished to be such a gifted person and it is this wish that led me to embark on a journey of learning and meeting more enlightened souls.

I have been for a few readings in the past and whilst some readings were right on the mark with details, a select few were totally off the mark. So I am selective as to whom I trust.


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Neeta Raga,  a holistic healer based in Centurion. My desire to know more, and get affirmation on a few ideas in my mind, led me to seek some spiritual guidance.

Neeta started my reading with a few deep breaths and a little prayer. She explained to me how she reads a persons energy and is able to channel messages from spirit guides. She calculated my Life Path number using Numerology. Numerology by the way is so fascinating. It is an age old science of using the numbers in our birth date to understand how these numbers resonate with our life and the rest of the world. I was so intrigued by the characteristics associated with my life path number, as it explained quite a bit about my personality and life in general.

Neeta shuffled a deck of cards and as the fell, she was able to read me like I was an open book. She first told me that my dad’s spirit was present and guiding me. It was validation that he has been with me through my good and bad times. This provided me with the comfort I needed and left me feeling emotional.


The rest of the reading related to my family, my present and a bit about my future. She was able to share not only the good, but also the bad, that needed to be resolved. Neeta provided me with guidance through readings of several decks of cards and explained that ultimately it is up to me to take the correct steps.

With her intuitive accuracy and detail, Neeta has given me clarity as to what I need to do to improve myself and my family’s life moving forward.


Neeta is wonderful! Her reading has been a source of comfort and guidance. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and for an enlightening experience. Overall I left feeling better equipped to handle my issues.  I wish her the best and hope to see her again.

A few tips about readings: go with an open mind, write your questions down and listen to your intuition. You will feel it when someone resonates with you.

I really appreciated her honesty and insight.  Thanks again, Neeta.

Some advice from Neeta :

Light candles in your home or space, as this brings awareness of the calmness of the spirit, and scented candles are great for creating an up lifting feeling all round.

When we are not calm we are stressed and that causes all sorts of health challenges for us, take some time to meditate, breathe, centre yourself and this will make every difference in your daily living.

*** Neeta does telephonic readings & my readers get a special 10% discount on readings booked.

Contact Neeta Raga : 0720621972


I look forward to hearing your feedback on experiences you have had. Please also comment on any topics of spiritual healing that you would like to know more about 🙂

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