How to create the Perfect Smoothie

It is back to work, back to school and with so many of us, eating on the go is a norm. I myself am guilty of this and this year I have chosen to eat healthier to shed a few kg’s. I blame my mum and all her delicious cooking over the festive season 🙂

Smoothies are a perfect way to get as much nutrients into one single cup, and that too quite easily and quickly. Great for breakfast or anytime of the day. A smoothie I make regularly, has the following: Banana, whey protein, dates , water and chia shake mix. It tastes divine and at the same time it keeps me going till about lunch time.

I came across this helpful infographic to making some delicious  smoothies and thought I would share it with you. Please give them a try them and let me know if you have any variations that worked for you.


You will find more information on healthy eating at

Your taste buds will love this :

smoothies 1

Happy healthy eating 🙂

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2 Responses to How to create the Perfect Smoothie

  1. E.D. says:

    i love smoothies. my favourite is beetroot, apple,orange,apple and carrot. it is a real boost or energy drink. Eve

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