Exploring Japan

Japanese culture fascinates me. I admire them for the calm, polite nature and the discipline in their culture.

Visiting Japan is on my wish list, so that I can experience the trains, a clean city, the best sushi and singing karaoke for leisure until early hours of the morning.

If you have some travel tips to Japan to share, please share them below.

This video may inspire you too, to visit Japan.

An exploration into the culture and nature of Japan:

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2 Responses to Exploring Japan

  1. Japan culture is indeed fascinating. Traveling Japan has been one of my best travel experiences to date. Last year, in July 2014, I explored Japan and witnessed the extraordinary Japanese culture, nature and the speed (and punctuality) of bullet trains. Having stayed in Shin-Yokohama for almost a month, I got to see and experience so much. It helps to reside in close proximity of the tourist attractions such as Tokyo, Mount Fuji and some of the many Buddhist Temples. A must for any traveller in Japan includes spending a day at Cosmo World amusement park in Pacifico (the Underwater roller coaster ‘Vanish’ is a rad experience!), visiting Buddhist Temples (The Great Buddha of Kamakura and Hasedera Temple are wonderful), shopping in China Town (Minato Mirai) and savouring local Japanese dishes in Tokyo (Shibuya Crossing) and of course, visiting the famous Yokohama Landmark Tower and nearby National Gardens (a must for nature lovers – such a traditionally Zen experience). One last bit of advice, for efficient traveling (on trains, cabs and limousine busses); get yourself a Pasmo or Suica travel card loaded with Yen. This can be purchased at the airports (I got mine at Haneda International Airport upon arrival) or at major train stations. It’s pretty uncomplicated (just make sure to click the ‘English’ option on the LCD screen before imprinting your name on the card). Plus, you get your deposit back as well as any unused funds when you return your card before departure. If you require any further information or travel advise, tweet me. All the best! 🙂

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