Movie review – American Sniper

What started out as a slow war movie  turned out to be a gripping story of the most successful sniper in the American army. The movie, based on a true story,  centres around Chris Kyle , played by Bradley Cooper, who is the Navy Seals best sniper.


Chris served four tours to Iraq and in this time he “loses his soul”  after  being part of the war. He is nicknamed “Legend” after  he kills many of the “terrorists”. The violence and having seen women and children being killed haunts him.

Taya, his wife, is played by Sienna Miller waits for his return. She has to raise the children alone in his absence and his family life suffers as he pledges allegiance to his fellow colleagues and in not giving up his position in the Navy Seals.


Chris visits his family during his time as a Navy Seal but is never fully present. He seems distracted and the war in Iraq is portrayed from an American point and it stirs many emotions in the viewer. The film describes the mental suffering of soldiers and their families.

On tour four, in the midst of the firefight , Kyle calls Taya and tells her he is ready to come home. A sandstorm provides cover for a chaotic escape in which Kyle is injured and almost left behind.

Kyle returns home unable to adjust fully to civilian life. He tells a psychiatrist he is “haunted by all the guys he could not save”. The psychiatrist encourages him to help wounded veterans . He meets with veterans who were severely  injured and coaches them at a shooting range. This helps him to gradually adjust to home life

On February 2, 2013 , Chris Kyle was murdered at a shooting range by a US military veteran he was trying to help.

Clint Eastwood directs the movie and American Sniper is nominated in 6 categories at the Oscars. Bradley Cooper worked hard at his physique and looks fantastic in his role.

My guess is blue-eyed Bradley Cooper will win the best Actor in a leading role.

Go watch American Sniper at your nearest Ster-Kinekor theatre. Let me know your thoughts on American Sniper!

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3 Responses to Movie review – American Sniper

  1. Dulcie says:

    I am an 80yr of age old lady: by myself I WENT TO WATCH THE MOVIE American Sniper. I enjoyed the show immensely. Clint Eastwood did excellent directing. and no one could have acted the part of Chris Kyle better than Bradley Cooper. Congratulations to both who provided a show worthy. Some years ago I watched “Flags of our Fathers” but “American Sniper” exceeded all.

  2. I’m yet to watch it Namritha, however your review has made me think, now, rather than later 😉

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