6 Proven Strategies to Great Relationships by DR Demartini

How to go beyond fantasy to find true relationship fulfilment. Your connections with others, although incredibly rich with potential, could be one of the most misunderstood areas of your life.

As a result, Dr Demartini would love to help you understand what really drives human behaviour in romance, business, and families; and show you how to have the kind of relationships you’ll love, whether they’re lasting or brief, intensely intimate, or just for fun.

“In my upcoming presentation, I’ll share with you the science of successful and fulfilling communication, the cornerstone of any quality relationship and give you the tools and strategies you will need to create powerful partnerships with people who can help you acknowledge, experience, and express more of your true and empowered self.” says Dr John Demartini

You’ll discover the truth about what relationships are and what they can become, as well as who you are and what you can do to experience fulfilment.
You can wake up to the fact that not only do you participate in creating your reality, but you also take part in forging your relationships. Neither “just happen” to you, for you’re the author of your existence.

“You may be mired in your ways and ideas about what makes a ‘good’ or ‘successful’ relationship.

Details Of this Public Talk,
6 Proven Strategies to Great Relationships:

Date: 01 Jul 2015
Venue: Cape Town Convention Centre
Date: 07 July 2015
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Cost: R320 early bird ticket or R400 at the door

**Win 2 double tickets**
I have one set of double tickets for Cape Town and one set of double tickets for Johannesburg to giveaway.

1.Simply tweet & share this post on Facebook
2. Comment below with your details.
3. Enter your email and Follow my blog to receive notification of winners.

Goodluck to you 🙂


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4 Responses to 6 Proven Strategies to Great Relationships by DR Demartini

  1. Farzana says:

    Where is the event for JHB going to be held?

    I’d really like to attend and winning tickets for same will be perfect 🙂

  2. aashish Rai says:

    It will be something new to learn as relationships makes you. I am individualistic to the core and I am not opening up to learn to build my relationships by working out a better me. Looking forward to attend – araijain@gmail.com

  3. You are all winners : Emma Follet for Cape Town and Farzana & Aashish Rai for JHb. Enjoy the talk and post some feedback 🙂

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