When doing Yoga by yourself

A fun approach to  Yoga. You have the mat, the pants and the belt to prove it, but his is how it actually goes down When doing Yoga by yourself  😉
Having a sense of humour when you falter helps ease the pain. Perfection is but a myth so aim for best as you can be 🙂

We’ve all been there when doing yoga at home by ourselves:

– 47,281 haphazard handstand attempts

– 289 extracurricular distractions

– 2-minutes of being totally zoned out

– 1 break for an un-yogic snack

– a completely half-assed Savasana

…and there we have a “complete” home yoga practice.

This probably isn’t what we learned to do in our  training, but it happens even to the most seasoned practitioners. Be forgiving with yourself and your practice and take it one day at a time.

Have a look as Erin Motz demonstrates 🙂

Did  you find some great strategies of your own ? What are the exciting ideas and how are you implementing them?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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One Response to When doing Yoga by yourself

  1. Asha Mahabeer says:

    Yoga. Food for the soul. Keep it going ladies. Always fun . thanks namritha

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