Celebrate Womens Day with IIWNF

International Inspiring Women Network Foundation commemorates the memory of those 20 000 strong and resilient women in whose wake we walk by creating an event that is devoted not to just a celebration of a single act of solidarity, but a day devoted to a more general recognition of the spirit and accomplishment of women.

Anusha Singh, the Founder and CEO of IIWNF says ” As women we have a lot to celebrate as the gains for women and girls have been monumental and it has never been a better time in all of human history to be born. This event is a pledge to continue our resolve to change the life and the future of our woman and youth so that we all can meet our potential without impediment or prejudice.

According to recorded data Women are living longer, healthier lives than ever before; the number of women in the work force has increased;; more women are in leadership positions and our Governments talk about women’s rights as human rights and our Women’s rights and gender equality are acknowledged as legitimate and indispensable goals. This is undeniable evidence that progress is possible—and that it’s happening in our lifetimes! ”

This IIWNF event is an effort to provide new perspectives and to open doors for mutual engagement amongst people. So, while there are thousands of courageous ladies showing the world how absolutely amazing women can be, IIWNF believes artistic expression is a way for us to define and narrate our own stories and is providing a platform through our famous Oprah Style Chat room to a few in specialist fields – namely: arts and culture, wine, altruism, construction, the culinary arts and management consulting. We have the global wine juror and businesswoman Yegas Naidoo; the IIWNF Ambassador; seasoned business women, author and inspiring teacher Yvonne Kgame; amidst several other talented women who will flying the flag for the bright, the brainy and the brilliant by sharing her success gems that serves as a source of inspiration for the masses.
IIWNF goals going forward is that we hope that beyond these events, this theme will carry on in discussions in smaller circles and personal conversations and serve as a medium to further push IIWNF guests to be visionaries and to lift our consciousnesses to create a powerful network of empowered individuals to come together.

“When sleeping women wake…mountains move!”

Women’s Day Event
Date: 9 August 2015 on National Women’s Day;
Venue: Michelangelo Hotel; Theme: Remembrance and Celebration


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