Cooking with McCain

There is nothing better than being able to prepare a meal in the shortest time possible, with the least effort and which also tastes just as delicious as our mums home-cooked meals.

McCain’s new range of Veggie Sides will add that something special to your everyday meals. These sides are quick and easy to prepare and have a delicious homemade taste.

The range includes Mashed Potato, Mashed Butternut, Creamed Spinach assortments and a delicious Cauliflower Bake, which were designed to be easy and convenient to prepare.


Made with real butter, the creamy McCain Mashed Potato is packed with flavour and is deliciously smooth. The McCain Mashed Butternut is subtly sweet taste and hints of cinnamon. This side is sure to steal the show at any dinner table. The spinach comes in two varieties, namely the classic creamed spinach and a delicious creamed spinach with added feta. Each of these delicious sides goes from freezer to table in just 6 minutes.
mash potatoe

The McCain cauliflower bake is made with maasdammer cheese and only takes 40 minutes to bake in the oven, this will definitely become a firm favourite among veggie lovers. Pair these delicious veggie sides with anything you have on hand, like a ready prepared juicy roast chicken, pork chops that have been grilled in the oven or a piece of garlic butter fish.

I took the challenge and came up with a healthy meal serving in under 10mins.  Take a look :

I firmly believe that cooking should be fun, quick and wholesome. Thanks to McCain you can spend less time whipping up a home-cooked meal and have more time with your family and loved ones.

For more information on McCain Veggie Sides, recipes and competitions be sure to follow McCain on Facebook : McCainSA and  Twitter :@McCainSA

Have you tried any new exciting dishes using the new McCain Veggie sides?


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