The Longmen Grottoes in China -Buddha’s on the Cliffside

The largest cave of the Longmen Grottoes in central China’s Henan opened to the public on March 10,2016

For the first time since it was closed 63 years ago for conservation purposes. Visitors can closely examine the 29 life-size statues of arhats carved about 1,500 years ago and marvel in the beauty and charm of this stunning masterpiece.



  • The grotto caves cover a 0.6 mile stretch along the limestone cliffs overlooking the Yi River in Henan Province.
  • The earliest caves to be carved in the late 5th and early 6th centuries in the West Hill cliffs include Guyangdong and the Three Binyang Caves, all containing large Buddha figures standing up to 16ft tall outside the caves
  • The sculptural styles, the earlier ‘Central China Style’ and the later ‘Great Tang Style’, had great influence within the country’s cultural history
  • The landmark was awarded UNESCO special protected status after the committee agreed that ‘the high cultural level and sophisticated society of Tang Dynasty China are encapsulated in the exceptional stone carvings.’
  • Work on the sculpture in these caves continued over a 150 year period during the Chinese Middle Ages.

Source: UNESCO 

I would love to visit this well preserved masterpiece 🙂 Don’t you think the Chinese are masters at preserving artifacts?

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2 Responses to The Longmen Grottoes in China -Buddha’s on the Cliffside

  1. Camela says:

    Wow! Looks incredible!

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