Prime Minister Modi to visit SA in July 2016


SA Welcomes Modi

An online Registration Portal is launched as the Indian Diaspora in South Africa Gear Up for India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit to South Africa.

modi 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The website ( is aimed at registering members, who wish to gain access to the venue, where the honorable Prime Minister of India will address a grand community reception that brings together individuals not only from one of the oldest Indian communities outside of India but also the broader South African community on July 8th, 2016 in Johannesburg.

The deadline for registration is June 20, 2016, at midnight.

SAwelcomesModi urges South African and Indian communities not to pass up the chance to attend the historic visit.  This visit augurs very well for South Africa and India’s relationship, as for the first time the head of state of India will address a public gathering of this magnitude in South Africa.

South Africa’s deep and revered bond with India spans over five generations where iconic figures of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela gave birth to new ideals of freedom and democracy. Gandhi in particular started his Satyagraha campaigns in South Africa as a leader in the struggle against oppressive colonial policies of discrimination and carried them back to India, a century ago to lead that nation to freedom from the shackles of colonialism.


SA India Fags

Mandela acknowledged how Gandhi’s thinking had influenced his own reconciliatory approach to bringing about a peaceful transition to democracy in South Africa after decades of apartheid domination.

All are called upon to register and be part of celebrating the contribution of the Indian diaspora in all facets of the social and cultural fabric of the country.

The committee urges all South Africans to register for the public function and encourages others to register as well, so that this event becomes a memorable and a truly South African experience.

Please note: Strict security measures will be in place. No children under 13yrs can register.   More information on the process of the Registration will be communicated on the official website:

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8 Responses to Prime Minister Modi to visit SA in July 2016

  1. Would love to attend his feedback in Durban

  2. Jigar Bhatt says:

    Too much expectations and possibilities to come out positive results and visa process will be easy for Indians who already entered and stays in south africa

  3. Dooken says:

    how do i go about booking to attend a conference with Mr N Modi

  4. D Nadesan says:

    Would attend if addressing community in DBN KZN

  5. Sunita says:

    Please can someone contact me have not received Invite but received confirmation

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